Innovation Insights Series #6 with Steven Heckler, BDI

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The Chair of Industrial Management proudly hosted Steven Heckler, Deputy Head of the Department Digitalization and Innovation at the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), for a guest lecture on the sustainability and resilience implications of industrial B2B platforms.

Building on a BDI publication on the German B2B platform landscape, Steven provided our students with an overview on the status quo, image and adoption of platforms in the German industrial sector. Based on this foundation, he specifically focused on IIoT platforms and B2B market places, elaborating in detail on their potential contributions regarding sustainability and resilience. He provided us with first-hand insights and illustrative examples that helped the audience to understand the key role platforms will play in all industries in the future.

Prof. Voigt and his team would like to thank Steven Heckler warmly for his time and for sharing his valuable knowledge with us on such a relevant topic. We would be honored to welcoming him again at the Chair of Industrial Management in the coming semesters!