Practice early! 40 children learn with Prof. Voigt as part of the KinderUni Nürnberg

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On April 12th, the Chair of Industrial Management welcomed 40 children as part of the KinderUni Nürnberg. The KinderUni is an event adressing children from the age of six to ten years and is organized by the Children’s Culture department (KUF) in cooperation with the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).

In an exciting 60-minute lecture “What is a firm – and how to found a start-up?”, Prof. Voigt gave the children an insight into university work and thus into science and teaching. In the exchange with Prof. Voigt, the children gained many insights into how to get access to a university, why companies exist and, in particular, how to start a company, illustrating the lecture with many examples. As a big surprise for us, nearly all children raised their hand in order to participate with many questions and clever statements.

Prof. Voigt and his entire team would like to thank all the children for taking part and the organizers for the good organization. We really hope that the children were able to learn something and had fun!