Great practical insights about Innovation & Entrepreneurship from our WiSo-Alumnis and founders Philipp Steiner and Dr. Daniel Sekula

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Today, Prof. Voigt and his team had the honor to welcome two successful founders of the global team-event company CityHunters: Philipp Steiner and Dr. Daniel Sekula. Both Philipp and Daniel graduated from WiSo and founded CityHunters when they were still students as part of our module “5-Euro-Business” in 2009. Since then, the CityHunters have come a long way and are now offering great team events by combining physical and digital experiences in more than 2.000 cities worldwide. One main aspect of the 90-minute guest lecture was of course the Covid-19 pandemic and how it influenced the business model by driving innovation inside the company. Being interrupted by a global pandemic in the middle of the growth stage certainly came with challenges but the CityHunters kept improving and adapted their business model brilliantly. The students conducted the subsequent Q&A session with much interest.

Prof. Voigt and his team would like to thank Philipp and Daniel very much for their exciting insights into a fast-growing startup and are looking forward to the next session.