#NUEdialog: 2nd place at the Science Slam for the Chair of Industrial Management

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The Nuremberg Dialog for Business and Science (#NUEdialog) took place for the third time this year and once again impressed with a diverse program of expert discussions and scientific panels, in which renowned representatives from research and practice took part.

This year’s NUEdialog focused on the current and relevant topic “Work in Change”, which is why our chair did not miss the opportunity to contribute to this event.

Our team member Marc Rücker represented our chair at the Science Slam and presented the study “Office vs. Home Office – Where are employees most creative?” (co-authored by Lukas Maier, Oscar Pakos, Sophia Windschiegl and Kai-Ingo Voigt) to a broad audience in a lively and informative presentation. The study examines the suitability of the office and home office workplace for creative work and gives clear recommendations for action to shape our working world after the pandemic.

In a final vote, our presentation was voted 2nd place by the audience and received an award from the organizers. The next NUEdialog is already scheduled for February and we will certainly participate again!