New Work and Creativity go “G’scheid Schlau”: Current scientific findings simply explained to the audience!

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On October 22nd, Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Oscar Pakos and Marc Rücker used the opportunity to present their current research results in the context of “G’scheid Schlau! Das Lange Wochenende der Wissenschaften” in a close manner to the general public.

Under the title “Die Arbeitswelt steht Kopf: Zusammenarbeit und Kreativität brauchen Räume”, the speakers gave the audience an insight into current New Work research in a virtual and casual atmosphere. Overall, New Work deals with the question of how (office) work can be carried out in the digital age. Driven by economic changes, technological changes, social changes and the pandemic, companies and managers are faced with changed framework conditions. Against this background, insights into the working environment, working time models, collaboration and creativity from two studies by the chair were presented. *

Professor Voigt, Marc Rücker and Oscar Pakos thank all listeners and are happy to answer any further questions.

* The first study “The Leap into the New Normal in Creative Work: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of COVID-19 on Work Practices in Industrial Companies” has already been published and can be viewed HERE!