Festive Graduation for MVM Class 2019-2021 and Successful Kick-Off for the MBA Class 2021-2023 at FAU

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On Friday, 1st October, Professor Voigt, as new Dean of Executive Education, and Professor Fürst, as Head of Program, had the pleasure to host the festive graduation ceremony for the MVM Class 2019-2021.

Moreover, the new MBA class of 2021-2023 successfully started its program at the same weekend. Despite the still challenging circumstances, Prof. Voigt warmly welcomed the 30 new students at FAU, in conformance with all necessary hygiene regulations.

The students, who already represent the 18th year of FAU’s MBA, will now start into instructive and fascinating 18 months of our Executive Education Program “MBA Business Management”.

We wish the MVM graduates all the best and the new MBA students good luck and a successful time at our WiSo faculty!

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