A great experience at the Castell Winery with Graf Wolfgang zu Castell-Castell

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On September 30, the whole team of the Chair of Industrial Management had the opportunity to visit Castell, one of the oldest winemakers in Franconia. The family business has evidence that they started to plant their first Silvaner grapes already in 1659. Graf Wolfgang zu Castell-Castell welcomed the team and showed us the wine production facilities. Then, we visited with him the historic wine cellar where he shared his experiences with us. For example, we discussed with him the influence of climate change on wine grapes, the changing characteristics of wine consumers and how Castell is trying to balance tradition and innovation. After that, we took a guided walk through the beautiful vineyards of Castell in the Steigerwald during this stunning autumn day. We learned a lot about wine making and the seven terroirs of Castell. Our day ended with a dinner in the beautiful Franconian “wine epicenter” Iphofen.

The Chair would like to thank Graf Wolfgang and the whole Castell-Team very much for making this trip such a great experience!