IAMOT 2021: Valuable and in-depth contributions from the Chair of Industrial Management at the 30th International Conference on Management of Technology

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At this year’s International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT), the Chair of Industrial Management was able to make a valuable contribution to the conference topic “Management of Technologies – For the World of the Future” with three studies. Unfortunately, the conference could not take place in Cairo, Egypt, as planned. Nevertheless, the scientific exchange could proceed in a digital way. The following studies of our chair were presented at IAMOT 2021:

  • Designing Activity-based Workspaces – An Analysis of Creativity Enhancers and Inhibitors in Physical Work Environments (by Marc Rücker, Oscar Pakos, Max Bauer and, Kai-Ingo Voigt)
  • Hitting three birds with one stone? Interrelations of sustainability dimensions in Industry 4.0 (by Johannes W. Veile, Marie-Christin Schmidt, Johannes C. Bauer, and Kai-Ingo Voigt)
  • The Digital Company: Effects of Digital Transformation on a Company’s Work Environment – Insights of a Systematic Literature Analysis (by Marc Rücker, Oscar Pakos, Rena Schubart and, Kai-Ingo Voigt)

The papers address the important future topics and research areas of our chair Industry 4.0, Digitalization and New Work and contribute to the design and better understanding of future business world.

We would like to thank for the great organization and the valuable exchange with the scientific community worldwide!