In-depth Insights into Platform Strategy and Management @ our Innovation Insights Series’ Round #4

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Today, the Chair of Industrial Management had the honor to welcome the two platform managers of AERQ, Dr. Jürgen Rösch and Anja Kim Berndt, as guest speakers in our lectures “Innovation”, “Technology and Innovation Management” and “Industrial Management”.

AERQ, a joint venture between LG Electronics und Lufthansa Airlines, was founded in June 2019 and has its roots in Hamburg, Germany. With its origins in consumer electronics and aviation, AERQ is able to tap into the wealth of experience of both parent companies to develop digital, innovative solutions for aircraft cabin systems. As part of their guest lecture “Digital Platforms in the Aviation”, Dr. Jürgen Rösch und Anja Kim Berndt provided us with insights into the embedding next-level digital transformation in the aircraft cabin through the creation of spaces designed to drive new ideas and business development. In this way, they said, AERQ manages to create a novel digital ecosystem for airlines, driven by software, hardware and especially data – an innovative way to integrate digitalization into aircraft cabins.

We would like to especially thank Dr. Jürgen Rösch and Anja Kim Berndt for taking the time to be part of our guest lecture series in summer term 2021, as well as for their openness to answer all of our students’ questions in detail via Zoom. Prof. Voigt and his team from the Chair of Industrial Management look forward to welcoming them back at the FAU pretty soon!