Entrepreneurship@FAU: The green start-up Primoza continues to ride the wave of success

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FAU is the most innovative university in Germany for a reason. Our university, and in particular the Chair of Industrial Management, attach great importance to entrepreneurial education and the promotion of student business foundations. A shining example is the company Primoza, which emerged from the student start-up competition “5-Euro-Business” co-hosted by Prof. Voigt and Marc Rücker. Our chair has been supervising the 5-Euro-Business for 20 years and is very proud to have been involved in the birth of Primoza. Primoza is a green start-up that produces recyclable calendars in which plant seeds are embedded. The calendar pages can therefore be planted in soil and, with careful cultivation, a wide variety of plants will grow from them. Primoza has continued to succeed despite difficult times during the Corona pandemic through ingenuity, customer focus and courage.

In the winter semester 2021/22, the 5-Euro-Business will be offered again at FAU and new student teams will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of Primoza. Here you can find the current newspaper article about Primoza: Zeitungsartikel Primoza