Fascinating digital guest lecture on the topic “Fuzzy Front-End of Innovation” by Dr. Daniel Kiel, Innovation Manager @Schaeffler

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Once again (but for the first time digitally), the Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Daniel Kiel, Innovation Manager at Schaeffler and Alumini of the Chair of Prof. Voigt, for a guest lecture on the topic of innovation management at Schaeffler. Schaeffler, founded in 1982 in Herzogenaurach, is a global automotive and industrial supplier. Schaeffler is making a decisive contribution to mobility with its high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications, in addition to rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications.

Dr. Kiel shared exciting insights in Schaeffler’s current innovation management practices such as Schaeffler’s trend screening approach, their innovation strategy, and how they use different creativity techniques to foster innovation. At the end of the digital lecture, the students lively discussed important innovation management topics with Dr. Kiel, such as future technologies, innovation in the current crisis, and the importance of Industry 4.0.

Prof. Voigt and his whole team appreciate his passionate engagement and are looking forward to welcoming him soon again. Stay healthy, Daniel!