Once again, the Chair of Industrial Management ranks first in teaching output!

Professor Voigt and his team are pleased to announce that, according to the most recent faculty statistics, the Chair of Industrial Management once again provides the highest teaching output to WiSo students of FAU. Measured in terms of Credit Points issued in the winter term 2018/2019 and summer term 2019, the Chair’s output was above 18,000 ECTS Credit Points in total, which is way above the faculty’s average of around 6,600 ECTS Credit Points.

The achieved numbers indicate that our passionate teaching efforts are highly appreciated by many students! This encourages us to keep on striving for excellent teaching! Professor Voigt thanks all Chair Members and Guest Lecturers for their valuable contribution! We are very happy and proud that so many students are interested in the Chair’s courses and share our passion. We are looking forward to seeing you in our lectures and seminars in the following term!