Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston, USA

From August 9th – 13rd, Prof. Voigt, Christian Baccarella, and Lukas Maier represented the Chair of Industrial Management at the renown Academy of Management (AOM) Conference in Boston. The AOM Conference is one of the best Management Conferences worldwide with more than 10,000 participants from academia each year. The team presented their paper “Do Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds? Examining the Influence of a Product’s Packaging Functionality on Consumer Behavior”.

Many international researchers followed our presentation interestedly and subsequently discussed fascinating aspects in plenary. Moreover, Christian received the “Best TIM Reviewer Award” for the second year in a row – congratulations!

We give sincere thanks to the organizing team of the conference and look forward to next year’s AOM conference in Vancouver!

Besides the conference, we had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Boston as well as the wonderful New England town “Provincetown” that is located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod. In Provincetown, we found the beautiful home and art school of the German-born Hans Hofmann, who to this day ranks among the the most famous art teachers of the US.