Outstanding guest lecture by Dr. Benjamin Bhattacharya-Ghosh (Business Innovation @Lab1886 – the global innovation machinery of Daimler AG)

On June 27th, the Chair of Industrial Management had the privilege to welcome Dr. Benjamin Bhattacharya-Ghosh from Daimler’s innovation lab – the so-called Lab1886.

Benjamin shared valuable insights on how the Lab1886 operates to develop radical innovations. He highlighted that the goal of Daimler’s corporate incubator is to move faster from an idea to a product or business model. Lab1886 thus supports Daimler AG in transforming itself from an automobile manufacturer into a mobility provider by exploring new fields outside the core business – focusing on the digital sphere.

Among others, Benjamin talked about how Lab1886 uses an open innovation approach and collaborates with different industry partners, startups, and universities. Rounding up the presentation, many students used the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences with him.

Moreover, Lucia Grom-Baumgarten (Master student in Marketing @FAU and intern @Lab1886) talked about her own experience in Lab1886. She mentioned that Lab1886 combines the knowledge of the corporate group with the speed and culture of startups in an intelligent way.

Prof. Voigt and his whole team appreciate the passionate engagement and are looking forward to further collaboration!