New Entrepreneurship and Innovation Insights from Dr. Sebastian Engel (Head of Research and Pre-Incubation at ZOLLHOF)

On June 19th, Dr. Sebastian Engel, Head of Research and Pre-Incubation at ZOLLHOF and alumnus of the Chair of Prof. Voigt, showed our students how established firms can learn to work like startups and adopt an entrepreneurial culture. He and his colleague Judit Klein (Senior Manager Startup Incubation at ZOLLHOF) provided interesting insights on how different companies in Germany built corporate incubators to better interact with different startups all over the world and to develop disruptive innovations.

The ZOLLHOF is a Tech Incubator in Nuremberg and is the new home for tech startups and digital innovators in Germany and works closely together with the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Prof. Voigt and his whole team appreciate the passionate engagement and are looking forward to welcoming the “ZOLLHOF family” soon again.