A lesson on how thoroughly listening to customers creates new business opportunities by Christian Polenz | COO Teambank

Last wednesday, the Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure to warmly welcome Christian Polenz COO and deputy CEO from TeamBank AG. After Christian Polenz has presented the history of the Teambank and the development from a full bank to a banking house with focus on liquidity management in the last 20 years very vividly, the further presentation deals with the current challenges and what the Teambank is going to do to meet them. In this way, our students got a very good impression of what it means to transform a company due to changing customer needs and market environments and why it is important to pursue new unconventional ways like “painting the strategy”.

Prof. Voigt and the whole team are very thankful for the interesting insights given in this guest lecture, especially because TeamBank is a best practice example for transforming their offices into creative workspaces – a fascinating case that we are currently also investigating from a scientific perspective, so stay tuned.