Ceremonious presentation of collected edition by DATEV during CEBIT exhibition

On 11th of June 2018, the book “Digitalisierung im Spannungsfeld von Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Recht”, published in two volumes, was presented to an excited and interested audience in the context of CEBIT 2018 in Hanover. The book was edited by Dr. Robert Mayr (CEO of DATEV eG, at the center of the image), Prof. Dr. Christian Bär (CDO of DATEV eG), and Prof. Dr. Thomas Grädler (honert + partner mbB) compiled by 80 articles authored by more than 100 experts from academia, politics, and corporate practice. The Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure to contribute the article “Industrie 4.0 aus Perspektive der nachhaltigen industriellen Wertschöpfung”, written by Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Dr. Daniel Kiel, Dr. Julian M. Müller, and Dr. Christian Arnold.

We would like to thank the editors for their effort making this comprehensive collection possible.