Fascinating guest lecture at the intersection of artificial intelligence and psychology by Khaleeq Aziz

On 16th of May, the Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure to welcome Khaleeq Aziz, CEO and founder of Symanto Research, for a guest lecture with the topic: “Show me how you write and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Khaleeq Aziz shared interesting insights about Symanto’s unique technology to combine artificial intelligence with psychology. Symanto uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms in order to help organizations to better understand their customers and finally create better products and services for their customers needs.

Following the presentation, the students engaged in a vivid discussion about how artificial intelligence might change our daily life and what risks might come along.

We thank Khaleeq Aziz for his captivating guest lecture and are looking forward to further cooperation and visits! Prof. Voigt and his whole team appreciate his passionate engagement and are looking forward to welcoming him soon again.