It’s all about blockchain! Kick-off event with DATEV-CEO Dr. Mayr

Yesterday, DATEV-CEO Dr. Robert Mayr warmly welcomed our 20 highly motivated students for the summer term’s seminar on strategic innovation management. He presented interesting insights from one of the largest registered cooperative societies in Germany to the students. Dr. Mayr emphasized the company’s and also his personal interest in the students’ results on their task elaborating on “How could blockchain change the economy and what impact does it have on the DATEV?”. To provide more information, Dr. Mayr was supported by Boris Lingl (Head of Projects at DATEV LAB) who explained the blockchain technology to the students and gave a brief insight on how the DATEV is handling and integrating the technology into different projects. Finally, the students were divided into five teams and got the opportunity to work on different topics regarding the blockchain technology. The chair of industrial management want to thank Dr. Mayr and his entire team for these exciting insights. We are looking forward to the final presenations soon.