Prof. Voigt in expert panel on „Vocational Education in the Digital World”

On 8th February 2018, Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt gladly accepted the invitation of Ulrich Ziegenthaler, Head of the Department of Vocational Schools in Nuremberg, and Prof. Dr. Karl Wilbers, Chairholder of Business Education and Human Resource Development, to a panel discussion entitled “Vocational Education in the Digital World”. Besides the aforementioned experts, the discussion round was completed by Dr. Christian Büttner, Research Associate at the City of Nuremberg, Christian Sendelbeck, Vice President of the Chamber of Crafts for Middle Franconia, and Knut Hufeld, Productive4.0-Coordinator at Infineon Technologies AG.

Together with the crowded audience, the experts vividly discussed the highly topical fields of Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation and its implications for junior employees’ competencies and capabilities, the job market, and the role of education and training institutions. In conclusion, the discussion round agreed on the vital necessity of flexibility, innovativeness, and openness in the design and development of future educational programs.

Prof. Voigt gives many thanks to Mr. Ziegenthaler and Prof. Wilbers for the opportunity to discuss this forward-looking topic and to share his experience and opinion!