Academic Talk at JOSEPHS on the Role of Creativity and Ideas in Organizations

On 7 March, Prof. Voigt and his teaching and research associates Martin Meinel and Tobias Eismann talked about the increasingly important role of organizational creativity. We showed what creativity means, how creativity emerges and how to facilitate creativity in organizations. Furthermore, we presented our latest research findings from a study on Design Thinking and discussed the implications with a very interested audience. We would like to say a big thank you to all attendees for their active participation, and the JOSEPHS team for their warm-hearted hospitality.

See here our short introduction to our academic talk at JOSEPHS (in German language):

Referenteninterview Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Martin Meinel, T…

#JOSEPHS_Lab #JOSEPHS #Interview #VeranstaltungProf. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt und seine Kollegen Martin Meinel, Tobias Eismann vom Lehrstuhl für Industrielles Management, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg haben am Dienstag einen Einblick in das Thema Kreativität in Unternehmen gegeben. Danke an die drei Referenten für die spannenden Insights und an unsere Besucher!

Gepostet von Josephs – Die Service Manufaktur am Donnerstag, 9. März 2017